Pet Stains, UV, and The PeeDar vs CyberTech Flashlight

In The Beginning

I have a dog –  a female Beagle around almost 4 years old. She has had a few accidents on the carpet and I have tried so many removers to get the smell out (That in itself is another review). I wanted to eliminate the stains and smells, not just cover them up. I able to work on the freshly deposited urine, but not any past ones that had dried up. Unfortunately, dogs do not leave a day-glow spot of dried urine that says “Here I am!” Which lead me to reading up on how to do this, since I still could not find the source of what I was smelling.

The more I read up on Pet Urine and stains, the more interested in this I became. I had read that dried urine deposits were “view-able” under a blacklight / UV light in a dark room. (I have always been fascinated by UV as far back as when I was a kid) So, I looked on Ebay and found a cheap UV Flashlight. The Cyber Tech Flashlight.
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UV and Floor Stains

This post will be showing how UV light can highlight stains on floors. These stains are near a kitchen table on concrete tile. It actually does not look too bad under regular light. I might take a swiffer to it, but I am not in that much of a hurry. Until after I read this, or actually after I wrote it. I am not sure what these stains are. 

Kitchen Floor Stain Comparison Regular Light
Kitchen Floor Stain Comparison Regular Light

More specifically, the photos below will be showing how these stains show up differently on this concrete floor with different UV wavelengths.  Continue reading UV and Floor Stains