clout . n. Influence; pull: “Doctors have banded together into large negotiating groups in efforts to increase their clout” (George Anders). Power; muscle. – A blow, especially with the fist. Sports Baseball – A long powerful hit. An archery target. clout , tr.v. clout·ed, clout·ing, clouts To hit, especially with the fist. n – noun. tv – transient verb What does […]

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UV Wavelengths and US Currency Bill Security Strip

$20 Bill 2013 Front Security Stripe Green UV 365-375nm Wavelength

US Currency Bills – From the $5 Bill to the $100 Bill have anti-counterfeiting measurements in them.  UV Wavelengths and US Currency Security Strips on a $10 Bill On the Left UV 380 – 385nm. On the Right UV 395 – 400nm  Using the  UV 380 – 385nm Wavelength you can see the different colors of stripes in different denominations […]

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