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Alabama License Tag PreFix Codes

When I was a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on. Literally. I read ingredients on the back of labels, I read any advertisement or article I could in a newspaper, magazine, or flyer

When we went on vacation, I was always allowed to go to the Bookstore at Morningside and pick out 5-10 paperback books to take with me on the trip. Sometimes on the way back, I was allowed to go to a mall or store and pick up more to read on the way back.

Many times, my parents would receive little “trinkets” that they would give to my sister or me. These might include calendars, flyers, anything! 

One thing I did receive was a small credit card size calendar with all of the license plate prefixes on the back. Needless to say, I memorized this and to this day, I still see a car from Alabama, look at the tag and guess where that person is from.

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GSN BINGO Wheel of Fortune

Tips and Tricks: Wheel of Fortune BINGO –

Whats not to love when you combine two favourtie games – Bingo and Wheel of Fortune into one? has brought both together to have a blast one. You have the excitement of Wheel of Fortune and solving a puzzle while you wait to shout BINGO!


  • Wild Balls
  • Solve puzzles to win the Puzzle Bank
  • If you make it to the Bonus Round, get ready to spin for Prize Envelopes! 

The following tips and tricks will help you maximize and optimize your chances of winning at BINGO and solving the Wheel of Fortune Puzzles. By analyzing your best moves and the most frequently used letters, you can get the highest payout.

Although these tips are for the Game of Wheel of Fortune BINGO, they can also be used in other games of Wheel of Fortune and BINGO.

The Wild Balls

With the Wild Ball, you can pick any number to Daub.

Wild Ball Example 1

Wild Ball Example 1
Wild Ball Example 1


In the scenario above, there is a way to choose the best number – or at least get close to, if not the best odds.

  • What rows has the least number left to fill? 
    • In the middle, there are only 2 left – #57 and #73. Which one of these?
    • See if #57 or #73 appear on the other two cards
    • If so, you want the number that occurs the most.
    • In this case, both numbers appear on all 3 cards.
  • If one was daubbed, you want it to be daubbed on the card where you have a chance at the most number of rows you can fill quickest
  • On the first and last card, if you choose #57, you have another daub on the G row already. If you were to use #73, you do not have another daub on the O
  • So, go with number #57.


Wild Ball Example 2

Wild Ball Example 2
Wild Ball Example 2


 in Example 2 above, when deciding which number to choose (Thanks Wild Ball!) think about these things:

#23 will Bingo you on Card 1

  • #28 will bing you on the 3rd card
  • If you choose #23, there are 2 daubs left on the middle row across – #3 and #73.
  • #23 appears on all 3 cards leaving Row I only 1 left to BINGO
  • #23 on the last card leaves you 2 left to BINGO in row I

If you choose #28

  • #28 will BINGO you on the 3rd card
  • #28 only appears on the one card

Choose #23 for the best Odds

(In this case it was the last ball unless you choose to pay for 3 more spins, so it technically does not matter unless you buy the other 3 spins)

Wild Ball Example 3

Wild Ball Example 3
Wild Ball Example 3

In example 3 above,  when you think about which number to use as your Wild Ball, consider the following:

There are 4 rows total out of the cards that have 3 daubs left to Bingo

  • On the Card 1, you have Column G and the 4th row across.
  • On the Card 2, you have Column G and across the middle row

In Column G’s (Both Cards)

  • #47 and #59 appears on all 3 cards
  • #46,  #51 only appear on one card

On the First Car, Row 4 you have #14, #42 and #66 left

  • #14 appears on card 1 and card 3
  • #42 and #66 only appears on one card

On the 2nd card row 3, you have a Free space and #49. #13, #16 and #74 are left

  • #13 appears on card 1 and card 2
  • #16 appears on card 2 and card 3
  • #74 only appears on one card

You can now narrow it down to #47 and #59.

On card 1, #47 and #59 do not have any on the rows daubbed already

On card 2, #47 does not have any daubs on that row. #59 has #9 daubbed on the same row.

#59 is the choice with the best probability

Wild Ball Example 4

Wild Ball Example 4
Wild Ball Example 4

Things to consider in Example 4

  • Column G in Card 1 and Card 2 both have 2 left to daub for a BINGO
  • Card 1 has #46 and #47
  • Card 2 has #47 and #51
  • #47 is in both cards
  • #46 and #51 are each on one card.

The best choice is #47

Wild Ball Example 5

Wild Ball Example 5
Wild Ball Example 5

In example 5, it is the beginning of a new game. The Wild Ball appears with nothing daubbed yet. Which to choose?

The best choice here is a number that would be across all 3 cards. Even better would be one in a corner if possible.
Since there are not any that appear in all 3 cards, look next for ones in the corner that repeat on 2 cards.
Either #69 or #8 would work for this.

The Alphabet

From an analysis of the letters occurring in the words listed in the main entries of the Concise Oxford Dictionary (11th edition revised, 2004) the frequency of the letters in the English Alphabet have been used in the following table:

E 11.1607% 56.88 M 3.0129% 15.36
A 8.4966% 43.31 H 3.0034% 15.31
R 7.5809% 38.64 G 2.4705% 12.59
I 7.5448% 38.45 B 2.0720% 10.56
O 7.1635% 36.51 F 1.8121% 9.24
T 6.9509% 35.43 Y 1.7779% 9.06
N 6.6544% 33.92 W 1.2899% 6.57
S 5.7351% 29.23 K 1.1016% 5.61
L 5.4893% 27.98 V 1.0074% 5.13
C 4.5388% 23.13 X 0.2902% 1.48
U 3.6308% 18.51 Z 0.2722% 1.39
D 3.3844% 17.25 J 0.1965% 1.00
P 3.1671% 16.14 Q 0.1962% (1)

The third column represents proportions, taking the least common letter (q) as equal to 1. The letter E is over 56 times more common than Q in forming individual English words.

In GSN’s Wheel of Fortune BINGO, this is an example of the window where you can choose what letters to use to solve the puzzle. 


Bingo Wheel Of Fortune Alphabet
Bingo Wheel Of Fortune Alphabet


Letters to Choose From

In the Alphabet, R T N S and L are the most used consonants in the alphabet (frequency is in that order). Choose these letters first. At the Bonus screen when R S T L and N Are given the next five with the best probability are  C D P M H.

All of the consonants frequency from most to least. 


For vowels, E is the most used one. From most used to least, the vowels are:

E A I O and U

Past Numbers Used

On the right, the 3 last balls show up.

Show All Tab - GSN Bingo Wheel of Fortune
Show All Tab – GSN Bingo Wheel of Fortune

If you need to look past that, click on the Show All tab under the last 3 numbers. You can see a history of all the numbers you have drawn by rows

Show All Tab - GSN Bingo Wheel of Fortune
Show All Tab – GSN Bingo Wheel of Fortune


Colors of the Balls

Colors of the Balls
Colors of the Balls
  • Yellow balls are Normal
  • Blue balls will add the amount spun for (x the frequency it shows up in the puzzle)


Daub Colours on Cards

Colors of the Balls
Daub Colours on Cards
  • A Yellow Daub is Normal
  • A Pink Daub is from a Wild Ball
  • A Blue Daub is from a Blue Ball