Stages of Grief – 5 or 7 Recogonized

When I was in school, Psychology was a double Major. I had to memorize the states of grief. While searching for them and trying to remember them I see some posts about 5 and some about 7. Same goes for seeing or hearing on tv. Sometimes I hear 7, other shows I hear it as 7 – CSI, Criminal Minds, etc.

So these are just some notes I jotted down when comparing them.

7 Stages

  1. Shock and Denial
  2. Pain and Guilt
  3. Anger and Bargaining
  4. Depression, Reflection, Loneliness
  5. The Upward Turn
  6. Reconstruction & Working-Through
  7. Acceptance and Hope

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Leggings – How To Wear Them and Not To Wear Them

Leggings. I love them as much if not more than the next person. This who know me or work with me know how much I love them I live in them in the winter time.

The more wild, the more outrageous, the more i love them, And yes, I even have my pair of marvel hero leggings i wear to work. I have tribal print ones. I have wild outrageous ones. I have blue ones, I have black ones, I have ones that would blind you at 8am without caffeine.

I don’t care what kind of looks I get, I wear them because like pants they keep me warm. Like hose, they cover my legs. No one knows if I shaved, no one knows if I have a huge black and bruise on my shin because I hit the coffee table on the way to get my caffeine.

I wear them with Tunics, I wear them with short skirts, I wear them with Continue reading Leggings – How To Wear Them and Not To Wear Them